How Facial Recognition Technology Works


Access secure locations, unlock devices, and conduct transactions with… just your face. Facial Recognition’s powerful identification and authentication abilities are primarily used by businesses for security and workforce management. Most consumers are familiar with unlocking their phone or laptop using this technology.
So how does it work?


Live Face Detection (LFD) utilizes the latest in optical technology and AI (artificial inteilligence) to distinguish faces. Your facial biometric measurements are ‘read’ by scanning the image of your face and transforming that image into a numerical expression. An artificial neural network processes the data at lightning speeds, looking for similarities withfaces stored in its database. Facial analysis involves a complex algorithm to match thousands of unique data points, such as the distance between your eyes or shape of your nose, to your stored information.

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BSGI partners with Suprema to provide customers with the latest in advanced facial recognition readers and software that leads the industry in speed and accuracy. These devices automatically adjust near-infrared LED according to the surrounding brightness, thus enabling identity authentication even in a dark room or outdoors. Worried that someone might use a printed photograph or mask to spoof the system? Rest assured, our facial recognition solutions are 'spoof proof' and will only authenticate someone's true face.

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