Our Markets: Education

In an ever-changing world, community spaces unfortunately demand more sophisticated security systems. The education market has unique requirements for life safety systems. At BSGI, we understand protecting the safety of your students and staff is your number one concern. At BSGI, it is our mission to make your place of learning a safe and secure environment. We work with industry-leading manufacturers to bring you the best solutions to keep you and your students safe. Whether it is a small K-12 campus, or a large public university, BSGI can help design security solutions that will meet your individual needs and surpass industry standards.


BSGI works with over 15 Universities in PA and over 50 school districts. With our systems on your campus, not only will you have trained personnel on site, BSGI expert support is only a call away.

Our Markets: Government Agencies

We have the autonomy to represent the best manufacturers in the market.

BSGI helps local, state, and federal government agencies protect their people, buildings, aseets, and data. In fact, BSGI has been providing the government with all-inclusive life safety solutions for decades. We are one of the state's largest individually operated life safety system integrators, and have provided systems to government buildings such as the State Capitol in Harrisburg, the PA State Judicial Center, the PA State Police, PEMA, PennDot, and various military bases across the region. Our team is experienced with working on government projects and familiar with purchasing requirements, time restraints, and meeting budgetary numbers. Our systems are trusted by military personnel, emergency management individuals, government workers, and transportation analysts.

BSGI is a PA state contract vendor and is on COSTARS contracts 003-338, 008-246, and 040-12. We are also a certified WBE. Call BSGI today and we will help you create precise solutions that keep your facility and personnel safe and secure.

Our Markets: Healthcare Industry

BSGI is a market leader in life safety technology and community wellness. We provide a broad portfolio of life safety products, services, and solutions that are necessary in the medical industry today. BSGI helps not only improve experiences for patients and physicians, we implement technologies that save time, and save lives. BSGI aims to support our customers in their pursuit of precision health and wellness; healthcare that is technologically integrated, highly effective and efficient, and personalized to each individual.

Our Markets: Manufacturing

Partnering with BSGI can give your business a competitive advantage by developing a comprehensive life safety solution. For essential life safety, security, and business protection, fragmented solutions won't support your business or minimize downtime when a true emergency occurs. You need a market leader to guide you in making those necessary life safety technology decisions. BSGI uses a total life approach to define which solution is best for you, no matter if your floor is 5,000 square feet or 500,000. We begin with hearing your problems and pain-points, defining your goals, and building a strategy to meet those goals all while meeting your needs, schedule, and budget. While we provide amazing support, your project will also benefit from our collaborative culture. You will be working with a point of contact to reduce communications; however, we include our entire team on every project. By working together, we can benefit each other, and you are able to standardize on one market vendor, which helps you save time and money.

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