Sprinkler & Suppression

BSGI provides code-compliant sprinkler & suppression systems and services to protect your building, business, and employees.

Ensuring your fire sprinkler & suppression systems are working properly is our priority. With our team of NICET certified and industry trained technicians, we perform routine inspections and maintenance to meet and exceed NFPA guidelines and the latest industry requirements. Our technicians ensure that your suppression system is fully maintained so that you have the peace of mind that it will function fully and appropriately in the event of an emergency.

Whether it’s a simple localized wet system, an attic dry system, or a large scale pre-action fire suppression system protecting your precious data, we have specialists who can inspect any system with confidence. We also service your backflow preventers and specialize in electric and diesel fire pumps of all sizes.

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Suppression Systems

Specialized fire Suppression Systems are meant to protect sensitive and important items for your business. At BSGI, we understand this importance and work with you on making sure your inspections are up to code so you know that your suppression systems are working appropriately. We specialize in everything from clean agent systems for data centers to dry or wet chemical suppression systems for your kitchen hood.

We also are your trusted source for hand-held portable fire extinguishers and can provide inspections on these as well.

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We Also Install Fire Alarms

In addition to fire sprinkler & suppressions system maintenance, Berkshire Systems Group can also help you with a variety of your Fire Alarm System needs. We are your go-to provider for voice evacuation, mass notification, early warning smoke detections, CO2 detection, and gas detection solutions. Our systems scale in size, from large campus-wide installations at colleges and universities, to small installations at local shops and restaurants.

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Our Sprinkler & Suppression Partners

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