The BSGI Guide to Facial Recognition

How Are Organizations Using Facial Recognition Solutions?

Most people associate facial recognition technology with law enforcement, utilizing it to identify suspects and missing persons. However, as facial recognition technology has become more advanced, other industries and organizations have found it to be beneficial. While it is primarily used for safety and security, facial verification is also helpful for workforce management and customer service.

Access Control

Facial recognition can be used to automate access control by guiding, limiting, and monitoring where individuals are permitted to be. It can control facility access for employees and visitors, speed up the passenger aircraft boarding process, and streamline immigration control at the borders. Apartment buildings and offices can use smart elevators to provide extra security while hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities can rely on smart medicine cabinet locks to limit access to medicine.

Financial Security

By law, banks and financial institutions are required to make every effort to comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. The traditional process of verifying identity is more robust and efficient with the use of facial recognition solutions. The process typically involves scanning a photo ID, which is then matched with a live facial scan. The applications are numerous, including verifying identity when opening a bank account, investment account, or insurance policy. ATM transactions can be cardless, making them both faster and more secure.

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Safety & Surveillance

Warehouses and factories rely on facial recognition for tracking people and activity throughout the facility. This is valuable to prevent, detect, and prosecute criminal behavior. Schools rely on facial verification to not only track staff and student attendance, but to also prevent expelled students, known criminals, and other unauthorized people from being on school property. Retail establishments are able to quickly identify and track repeat offenders for shoplifting, harassment, and other violations.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Retailers and restaurants alike can utilize facial recognition technology to transform the customer experience for loyalty program members or provide a degree of personalization based on anonymous visitors’ key demographics. Identify VIPs, permit cashless/cardless payments, and generate smart advertising on digital signs.

Workforce Management

Documenting and tracking employee time and attendance is easy and accurate with facial recognition solutions. Credentialling new employees, monitoring access to secure areas, and even tracking movement throughout your facility are easily managed. Employers benefit from the resulting detailed history of overall workforce activity and individual personnel tracking.

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