Sound Masking Boosts Productivity and Privacy

Productivity Problems

Are conversations hurting your bottom line?

Studies show that human voices in particular are the worst workplace distraction. Our brains monitor general noise, like traffic or ringing phones and simply process it as background noise. However, when we hear human speech, our brains change listening modes in mere milliseconds and begin processing that noise as language. This reduces our ability to focus on the task at hand and productivity suffers – and so does your bottom line.

Privacy Issues

Whether you’re in an office, restaurant, store, or hotel, it’s hard to have a truly confidential conversation. People unintentionally eavesdrop and overhear birth dates, patient records, company phone calls and discussions. Over 60% of employees are unhappy with their level of speech privacy and more than half of employees admit to having overheard confidential company information. Yikes! Whether your facility has open spaces or individual work areas, privacy can be a challenge.

Sound masking typically reduces the area where speech is intelligible and distracting from 50+ ft down to as low as a 15 ft area. The reduction of sensitive information being heard by unwanted parties protects us all!

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